The Old Board Market

The popular market in of Al Mithnab is considered the leading tourist and archaeological areas in Qassim, where the village history goes back to pre-tenth Hijri century. The reason to name it Board Market goes back to the sessions in which people sitting among the shops for selling and transferring news from other countries where its numbers reached to 15 shops, then it increased to 33 shops where there is selling and buying the food such as: wheat, alaqt (?), and ghee and others, and now shops became like galleries for ancient artifacts, as well as having some of the old crafts such as mud construction (building), carpentry and wood engraving with heritage drawings, then the restoration of the village was with the same raw materials used by parents and grandparent such as: clay, plaster, stone, tamarisk wood and palm leaf, which was built upon before more than 300 years. Sheikh Abdullah bin Dakhel School is located in the Heritage Village, which was built and founded in 1311AH and with the assistance of the people of Al Mithnab and its prince where the town has become in those years stronghold of the strongholds of science across the Arabian Peninsula where is camels and backpackers who came to the Sheikh Abdullah bin Dakhel School from Washom ?, Sudair, Hail, and Hijaz and other Arab countries, and they had studied there, as well as this school a pre-school, which students move next to the mosque  to learn the religious sciences by Sheikh Abdullah bin Dakhel and later Mohammed bin Kredes to complete their studies more broadly. The number of students in school ranges between 50 and 60 students in the same year, and this school continued its scientific bestowal, and remained full of its students over 53 years until the year 1366 AH and still proud pride in its work and sheikhs. A number of palaces and houses, such as: the home of Sheikh Ghelan, and the Palace of the emirate, the palace of Prince Fahd Aqeeli, and the house of the Prince, in addition to Sawani, which lies south of the village, and where the water is extracted from camels with its ancient heritage way, and it was opened  in honor of the Emir (Prince) of Qassim region; His Royal Highness the Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud on 26/5 / 1436h and the monthly auctions are held in the village and meeting many delegations estimated tens of thousands from all over the Kingdom and abroad tourists which is described by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities SCTA as one of the  most important five heritage villages in our beloved Kingdom.