Lake Park

Location: King Abdulaziz Road, Al Mithnab

This site has been allocated for youth on 65,000 m2 and it contains a lake area of 2.5000m2 that divide the park into 6 amphitheatres.

The First Amphitheatre: It is a green flat area where its middle there is the lake that contains a fountain with a height of about 48 meters in addition to a group of trees, toilets and corridors on the edge of the lake.

The Second Amphitheatre: Contains a green flat area and waterways, each one of it is divided into two sections to form a centrist Island, the area contains a large amount of palms and circular sessions.

The third, fourth, and fifth Amphitheatre: It is green surfaces punctuated by a group of trees and square sessions covered with stone.

The Sixth Amphitheatre: It is a green area peppered with palm trees, and a model contains the logo of AL-Mithnab which is a pentagon shaped waterfall is located on stripped base of 5 strips where there are engraved aesthetic forms and welcome expressions from stones with parking, chapel and a hut. (All of this is particular for young people).