Who has not first, has not second


Name: “Who has not first, has not second” Museum

Location: Governorate of AL-Mithnab - The Yellow District- The Popular Market

Founded: It has been founded since 12 years; from 10/10/ 1425 AH.

The museum is divided into two sections:

First: AL-Mithnab - The Popular Market

Second: AL-Mithnab - The Yellow District- Omaralamamnin Omar bin Khattab Road

The museum contains the oldest ancient heritage pieces, and the most important of its contents is:

1-    All kinds of old guns and swords,

2-    Ancient rawado (?) and bakamat (?) in different sizes

3-    Ancient jugs and pitchers,

4-    Some ancient manuscripts and necklaces

5-    Complete library with rare old books, old magazines and newspapers

6-    Notes and coins section

7-    Section of agricultural tools and carpentry

8-    Contents of keys and iron and wood locks

9-    Contents of old cars models with its license plates and forms

10-     Grocery corner and its contents of cans and old sweets

11-    Wooden and iron scales with all its types section corner

12-    Stones of different sizes corner such as; (Almharris - foveola - old millstone).

1-   Ornaments, cosmetics and old perfumes corner


The most important visitors to the museum are:

1-    His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud (Deputy Governor of Qassim region)- 07/28/1430 AH

2-    His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Abdullah bin Saleh Al Defaa Al Oweid (Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals University in Dammam) 12.13.1429 AH

3-    His Excellency: Suleiman bin Mohammed Al-Saqr (Director of Advocacy Office in Sulai- Riyadh) 05.14.1434 AH

4-    His Excellency: Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Shedid (Media Adviser) 07.22.1430 AH

5-    His Excellency Mr. Saleh Al-Khalifa (Governor of the Al Hanakia) 20.08.1435 AH

6-    His Excellency Mr. Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Pelehe (Mayor of AL-Mithnab) 17.03.1432 AH