Al-Hosayani Heritage House

Name : Al-Hosayani Heritage House

Location : Governorate of AL-Mithnab- Khalidiya District

Founded: 10/11/1432AH (The first authorized Museum in AL-Mithnab from the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities SCTA with no. 004/404/34


Its Owner: Mr. Mohammed bin Othman Al-Hosayani

 The museum is divided into five sections

First: First, the house and its contents (integrated kitchen - bedrooms - Liwan

- Second: Craft and Agriculture Section and it contains (Agricultural tools - Bicycles - shops - The contents of the old farmers).

- Third: Ancient and old weapons, swords, and rawado (?) and notes and coins.

- Fourth: Old cars section and it contains the Models of 1948 AD &1966 AD.

- Fifth: All the contents of the museum on the entire heritage of each category.

The most important visitors to the museum are:

1-    Prince/ Faisal bin Mosaad bin Saud bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud 14/03/1433AH,

2-    Private visits from employees of Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities( SCTA)

3-    A group of doctors and technicians from Saudi German hospital in Riyadh 12/11/1433AH

4-    The 16th caravan of tourist media 19/10/1433AH

5-    The Municipal Council in Sudair 20/7/1433AH

6-    Forum members of the people of the province Bakeereya 24/02/1434 AH

7-    His Excellency Mr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Hawas (Secretary General of the Al-Ibrahim Charity Foundation) 20.08.1434 AH

8-    The Legendary Saudi Sportsman: Majed Abdullah 19.08.1434AH

9-    Dr. Azmi Hassani (Faculty of Pharmacy, Malaysia) 12/02/2013 AD

10-   Visits from students of Education from the province and outside it