Ghillan Heritage House

An overview on Ghillan Al- Abdullah Al Ghillan :

Sheikh Ghillan Al- Abdullah Al Ghillan (1280 - 1365 AH)

It is best known for this name, and was known for those who read old documents and also for his beautiful writing and decent morals. He was characterized by honesty and sincerity; he was and still is the role-model for so many because of his honesty and loyalty. Above all he is strong-willed, easy-going, nice, determined, and decent. His name- as it was mentioned in old documents- is Ghillan Bin Abdullah Bin Ghillan Bin Ali Bin Mohammed Bin Suleiman Bin Eadeib Bin Nasser Bin Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed bin Hussein Al-Nasseri Al-amrwi Al-Tamimi. He was educated at the hands Sheikh Suleiman Al Bin Hassan and completed his education at the hands of Sheikh Abdullah bin Dakhil, and he was full accompanied with him till he became his writer and secret keeper, beside Sheikh Ghillan has great efforts in educating the public about their religion.

He held many religious positions; he is the imam and preacher of the old mosque, and before that he was muezzin, a teacher, a legitimately writer who wrote contracts, marriages certificates, wills as well as other correspondences that show the marital status during his time with the Sheikh Abdullah Bin Dakhil. He was also a member of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. Sheikh Abdullah said: My fathers house was on the west of the old council, and his door was open and people met around it. He wrote to them what they want him to write without charges, as well as teaching students in the mosque for free. He loved knowledge and sought to spread it among people, his speech ended disputes between litigants and it was satisfied to them.

Sheikh Ghillan Abdullah is one of the notables of AL-Mithnab. His scientific and social status is so high, and he is one of the close men of the king Abdulaziz, and there was mutual letters between him the King Abdulaziz and it showed the extent of the love of the King and his confidence in him who depended upon him after GOD- in the legitimate issues, and its termination.

House consists of:

Kitchen - Internal kitchen - Al Jissah Bride Room- Board- Almogabab - Delivery room