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AL-Mithnab is one of the provinces of Qassim region, which is the destination for the South region, with a population of 70 thousand people in 2010, with an area of approximately (11,800) km, and it is located in the north coordinate 52/25 and 12/44 in the east, away from the administrative capital city of Buraidah approximately 65 km. It is the most famous agricultural destinations in Qassim region because of the availability of agricultural inputs from the fertile soil and abundant water. It was so named because it is where the valleys converge met, and it was mentioned in Al-Mohet dictionary that AL-Mithnab means a flume of water to the ground.

AL-Mithnab is the southern facade of the Qassim region at the center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Previously it was called Faihan, and in pre-Islam era it was called Alznaúb, then came the name AL-Mithnab for being located in the tails of the valleys and corals, and thats what made it a rich soil area as a result of bringing the valleys important elements from far away areas. It is considered the largest city in terms of green space in the Qassim region, is also considered polarized for collectors of antiquities because its rocks are rich with buried treasures.

Annually AL-Mithnab hosts ceremonies and a youth meeting in wild parks, which is fight in the desert that is composed of the rallies and desert cross-country. The estimated number of visitors, including over 100 thousand people throughout the year and there are tourist landmarks in the province, and its most famous ones is Old Council Market (Jnadria Qassim), the Wild Almanaah Park, and Al-Hosayani Heritage House. There are also ancient archaeological palaces, eastern oases park, and Khrtm park. Among its most famous agricultural products are the red sugary palm fruit, and this type of fruit from the finest dates, it enjoys with a sweet taste, especially if it is implanted in a salt soil, and wheat with its types- is one of the famous products in AL-Mithnab


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